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I moved to this site from You can read my older archives there.

Hi. I'm Vanessa (not my real name).

I'm a 33 year-old American woman living and working in the UK, living with her fiance Aidan (not his real name. He's English. Very English).

I have no fallopian tubes.

Yes, I feel really bad about that.

History of IVF:

IVF#1 - December 2001-positive, then negative
FET#1 - May 2002-negative
IVF#2 - May 2006-negative
FET#2 -August 2006-positive, then m/c at 6 weeks
IVF #3 - February 2007. Positive. Then? Twins.
Due October 2007.

The story: I had two rounds of IVF-one fresh, one frozen-in 2001 and 2002 with my ex-husband. The fresh one had the world's shortest pregnancy, the frozen was about as exciting as watching how they make wooden spoons.

Aidan and I don't officially count those two rounds of IVF as that marriage ended and I've been with Aidan (who is 12 years my senior and with two kids from his previous marriage) since 2004.

So we figured as it's new DNA, it's new times. This is why all of my cycles have a () next to them. That's the total number of IVF cycles I've been through if you include those with my ex.

We live outside of London in a house in the countryside with our dog and cat.