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31 August 2007



Vanessa it sounds absolutely miserable. I'm glad you're sprung now, I hope you can keep away from that delivery ward for another 5 weeks now.

And I'll gladly punch anyone who tells you to be more grateful.


You should be ...oh, sorry. I'm glad you're out of the hospital, because I'll tell you, I was never so close to jumping out a window as I was when I was stuck in the hospital for a week after P was born. I was ambivalent toward hospitals beforehand, but I quite solidly hate them now. Try and stay out of them for another 5 weeks or so, mmkay?

As for the screams of agony from birthing mums? I heard them before and after I had P - hearing them before terrified me, but afterwards I was just annoyed. I was all Scientology up in the delivery ward with my "silent birth", only because I'm not a screamer.

I'm very excited for this all to be over for you so you can finally meet your babies. Also, why could you not live in southern Hants?


Urinary tract infections? Kidney infections? Irritable uterus? I want to be just like you.



Oh! Oh! Not to mention what was it? 44 week pregnancies?



How about some {hugs} from across the pond!


Oh, you poor woman. I'm glad you're out of the hospital, at least! Sounds miserable...


What a beating this has turned out to be for you. I'm so sorry. Well just think what you have hang over their heads later in life. "Oh don't worry about coming home for Christmas. It won't be nearly as painful as when you were on my ureter and giving me kidney stones when I was carrying you. No, really. Please go skiing in the Alps. I mean it."


You have my total empathy. Having spent a month in hospital and being moved from the perinatal wing to labor/delivery every time I had a bleed (4 times total) was not fun. My mother and I listened to a woman scream her way through her delivery one afternoon. Fun times.

You're in the home stretch! I'm praying every day for you and the lemonheads to make it to 37 weeks. And that the time will pass super fast for you. Rest as much as you can.


Oh my god, you poor thing. I'm so sorry to hear about your misadventures in the land of the screaming banshees. I really hope that the last few weeks of your pregnancy manage to be less eventful.


I am completely with you on the drugs thing. Personally, I've no need for "the experience."

The screaming sounds just awful. Glad you were finally able to be moved.


Dear Vanessa, you should see my face right now. You poor, poor thing.

I think you'd have to superhuman (or stark raving mad, I can't decide which) to be grateful for anything -- besides painkillers for grownups -- right now.

The "place of ritual sacrifice" made me laugh out loud. In the midst of all this misery, you are still one funny woman.


Dude. Hated pregnancy. Hated. You can hate it too. It's not easy. I'm glad I have the Mini, and yes, it's hard, but as I watch him make his ridiculous pooping face and laugh at me, I know that face alone is totally worth my preshus. PRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEESHUS!


Wheeeee indeed!

Welcome home, again.

I wish I could speed up the clock for you, so you can get over this ridiculous "pregnancy" thing and have Lemonheads instead.


Oh babe, I find it amazing that you can still write with a degree of humour....

Hang in there... x


Ugh . . . so sorry. Hang in there!


I hope this makes you feel a little bit more hopeful - it's from You Tube - laughing babies.....:


so sorry the infection returned. The only piece of advice I have would be to get the over expensive iron supplements that do not make you constipated. And maybe get one of those great noise reduction headphones. You know, just in case you need to go back to the hospital. You are getting close and I hope the rest of your pregnancy will be uneventful. Good luck with everything.


I forgot. About the blown veins, I had the exact same experience at the hospital. I noticed that dehydration make the veins even more painful, so drink plenty. Hope that helps. Oh and heat/cold packs felt nice.

Lut C.

My prenatal class teacher insisted that more women come in to deliver under a full moon too.

Hearing that screaming match must have been absolutely horrible.

I don't really know what my pain threshold is. Between the UTI, the kidney stones and the contractions, I guess you have more of an idea than you wanted to know at this stage. I know I'm scared of an epidural though.

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