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29 August 2007



Yep, those are definitely YOUR kids in there. Stubborn AND funny.

VERY VERY happy to hear they're refusing to make their grand entrance just yet.

Hang in there sweets, we're all thinking of you and sending all the good vibes we can muster.


My father was disappointed when we figured out that "we'll see" meant "No, but I don't want to hear the whining just yet."

Hang in there.


Glad to hear your passengers are delaying their grand entrance for awhile yet. Just a few more weeks, babies! Hang in there V!


Hang in there, lovie.

You know, Babylove used to do the same thing with the transducer when I would go for non-stress tests. (What a misnomer, that one!) And we all know how hefty and healthy that boy is, now!

I know bedrest and hospital is not what you want, but before you know it, you'll be looking at two healthy, happy babies and not quite believing it's all done!

Love, hugs and healing light,


Oh, Vanessa, you're not being spared much, are you? You poor thing. I hope things improve so dramatically, so convincingly, that they will let you go with a big smile asap, and that the Lemonheads stay well put.

Thinking of you and sending you good, commiserating, healing thoughts.

Lut C.

I went in for monitoring once, because the baby had been too quiet. The minute they hooked me to the monitor, the baby started kicking up a storm. I was convinced it hated the doppler, still am.

I'm sorry to hear you're back in hospital. Hope you won't be there too long.


Sorry things are going well, but I'm glad to hear that the Lemonheads are still doing well and not showing up yet. Good luck to you and Aidan. Hang in there!


I had a friend with a similar problem who just stayed on abs for the whole pregnancy. Bubs was fine, by the way. But that was the only way they could keep the urinary tract infection at bay. They were able to clear it up properly after the birth.



YIKES.. you poor thing! I am glad that the lemonheads are well and resting comfy in mommie... just a bit longer little ones!!

Take care Vanessa!


My several-daily monitors of my baby often meant I had to hold and move the doppler all around my belly to keep the heartbeat on track to get a good reading on paper. The kid would sleep peacefully all day long and kick himself silly during those sessions.

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