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02 July 2007



Ohhh yes... confinement. I work in HR and when I moved over to the UK and had to issue my first maternity leave letter I was like umm confinement? What the crap does that mean? "She just gave birth! Lock her down and keep her away from the general public!" Needless to say I found that word a bit, how you say, offensive? Then I was informed that "expected week of confinement" (EWC) could be interchanged with "expected week of childbirth". So now I use that instead in all of my letters. I mean come on - let's get with the times.


Confinement. Hahahaha. That is too funny. Well, as you are with child and all that...

P's nursery is part of a rather posh private school, yet her daily updated notebook states regularly that she has played with cardboard boxes and yoghurt pots. I don't know if that's an indictment of the school or the strangeness of my kid.

They make it up later though, as I'm promised she gets weekly French lessons at the age of 3. She'll need all of that stimulation, what, with the two prior years of box-playing.


Lee's comment wasn't up when I originally posted. I work for a university, and though they used EWC, they never used the word "confinement", only "childbirth". I surely would have posted about that ages ago if it had said confinement.


Hee hee -- confinement. How Elizabethan!

Your "schools of Western thought who deduced that the Maharini Armstrong Method of Inter-Structural Play is best for the development of baby's posterior cerebellum and cortex, or some such shit" just made me lose it, sister. Too funny!


What they said. Oh dear, it's all too funny. Thanks for the laugh. 'Confinement'. Bread-making factories. Wonderful.


I have got to stop reading this blog first thing in the morning. Do you have any idea how many times tea has shot out from my nose and all over my keyboard?

Confinement ... sheesh!

Postscript: I do have to admit that having tea shoot out of my nose is most likely better then having a suppository shoot out of my ass.


Wow....you had me rolling with the note back back to TVPN!!!!


Is there a Head Mistress? Does she dress entirely in gray, including her severely pulled backed hair?

Sounds like you better start early and get all the baby clothes and items monogrammed.

(I'm sure it's a very nice nursery or else you wouldn't have applied. Just some light-hearted ribbing.)


I will totally pay you in bouncy seats if you write that letter.



Thanks. My screen needed that wash....


"Postscript - we don't do confinement in this household unless you're talking about what we do with Aidan's ties on Sunday afternoon, but that involves lubrication and blindfolds. We don't really call it "confinement". Let's think of it as Mommy and Daddy's Reindeer Games, shall we? "


You have a brilliant sense of humor~


you just crack me up!


Thanks for the giggles!


You didn't know you aren't fit for public viewing during the last 3 months of gestation? Sheesh. You'd better get with the program, girl.

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