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16 July 2007



Great thoughts! I agree that the defination of a family is really what you make it these days.


Love your thoughts on the definition of family.


Ellen K.

Good thoughts on "The Kid," esp. the first answer and your definition of family.


I want to say first, congratulations on your twin pregnancy. My IVF twins are a year old now, and it has been an adventure.

I am putting a link in here to my pregnancy chronicle, which may interest you. http://twinkies.bastetweb.com/category/pregnancy/page/4/

About the book tour. There was an article in last week's New York Times magazine about donor gametes by Peggy Orenstein which opened with an anecdote about a girl putting "when Mom met the donor" on her life timeline for a 6th grade project. The mother was a little nonplussed at being outed on the school wall, but the girl was totally unbothered by that element of her life. Kids take things in stride much more easily than adults do.

Drowned Girl

I like your answers


I also think DJ will get a kick out of it. Or at least I hope so -- if it upsets him it would probably be because no one ever wants to know that much about their parents' sex life.


"A family is simply composed of those you love."

Absolutely perfectly stated.


Maybe DJ should skip page 1.

I echo everyone else -- your definition of family is a wonderful one.

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