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05 July 2007



Since you asked I'll tell you about a little known fact.

The pink taco may soon look like two blue twinkies thanks to increased blood flow and presure. It came as a shock to me the other day while using a mirror to groom the undercarriage.

Try adding a capsule or two of wild fish oil to your vitamin regime. Not only is it great for the Lemonheads brain developement it does help with mama's need for a normal poop.


Quick recap:

My pink taco didn't swell until after I had my babies.

Braxton Hicks hurt.

I didn't get cravings like you think of them. With my son, I always wanted the same enchilada verdes from my favorite Mexican restaurant, and I wanted lots and lots of lemons for my water. I could do without. It was no big deal. With my daughter I rediscovered a liking for hamburgers, plain, from McDonalds. That's it. No real intense cravings or anything!

I'm glad you are doing okay with your pregnancy, and that you found a solution for sleeping. It's one of my least favorite parts about pregnancy. I couldn't roll over in bed, and I had singles! I'd have to inch to the bottom of the bed, stand up, and then lay down in the position I preferred. Ugh!


So you are the one who speaks the scary truth. And here I was blissfully buying a new pack of bikini briefs the other day, "I'll just wear them under my belly, it will be fine."

What else?!? What else are they hiding?!?


Damn...those are some pretty maternity drawers! There was nothing like that when I had my babies! hrrmph!! I remember a girlfriend of mine who wore her hubbys tidy whities when she was pg! Cracked me up but she said they were very comfortable.

I don't remember the labia rub. However, I will tell you do not...DO NOT...use a mirror to take a peek between the legs after giving birth. Unless you like horror flicks. Just sayin'. My lady bits looked like they'd been hammered with a baseball bat. It took 7 years before I overcame the trauma and got pregnant again.

I never had cravings. I had foods that I liked more than others but nothing that I would have to have RIGHT NOW.

I never got Braxton Hicks until late in my third trimester. Lucky I guess. Though I did have terrible pains that felt like having a knife shoved up my coochie in the latter stages of pregnancy. That was enough to scare the beejeesus outta ya. Turned out it was my cervix stretching and also the baby kicking me in the cervix. I apparently have a very sensitive cervix.

I always enjoyed being pregnant, though I admit the waking up to P and the not being able to sleep on my tummy were PITA's. I also remember in the final weeks finding myself waking up for no real reason at all. Usually around 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. I swear it was mother natures way of preparing me for middle of the night feedings. I hated having my sleep broken up. Sad thing is...it went on for y e a r s...

Thanks for the update. Sounds like you're doing very well. I'm so glad to hear it.

Lut C.

Thanks for sharing. :-)

I'm as far as you in weeks, but with just the singleton I still barely look pregnant.
I'm still wearing some of my normal pants, with the others a rubber band is enough to keep using them. I did lose some weight before the successful cycle, which I am now slowly gaining again, all in a good cause. :-)

Nesting has not kicked in yet.

Mrs. Clancy

Ah, yes... the swelling down under... I wasn't prepared for that either. Not one of my lovely pregnancy books mentioned a thing about it. It was HORRIFIC by the time I had the baby - I felt like a total mutant. Even though I had a C section, they gave me ice packs to put in my undies afterward. I almost wept with joy just to have some relief. Get the ice packs, my friend... Heck, get a cold pack to use now!!! They don't bring down the swelling too much, but they just make it feel a bit better.


Sounds like we are still progressing along much the same.

Those underwear look awesome - much cuter than the cotton ones from Old Navy that I've been sporting.

and yeah - having to go 5 minutes after you just went - well that's just so lame!

I wouldn't say that the BH "hurt" specifically - but they definitely are not comfortable. having one right now in fact...


I don't have the pink taco thingy for now (still wearing my usual underwear at 32 weeks) but my thighs ARE rubbing, which might have something to with my cravings for French fries. And I do have one cankle (not 2, not sure why). And bad rib pain. And a party animal baby in my belly just like you. I am tired and I am obsessed with nesting. Oh and I am totally hormonal (I cried 2 days ago when I discover I could not donate my milk. What the fuck?).


I can't say I'm at all interested in experiencing the Burning Shack of the Pink Taco myself, but I do appreciate your honesty.

Someone's gotta warn us of things to come...


My husband and I both love your posting honesty and delivery.

And you're right, you're the first I've ever heard talk about the swollen taco bits. Thanks for the warning!


My pink taco caused some concern in the hospital whilst I was in labour. Due to a rush of blood to the vital area, there was some swelling. The midwife called the Registrar to have a look and it was only when they were discussing my tender bits that I realised what the problem was! You see I am one of those special ladies that has slightly uneven lips, so to speak, one is larger than the other and this was causing some consternation until I broke in and explained that the one being a lot more swollen than the other was probably fairly normal! God, there is no modesty in childbirth!

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