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12 July 2007



Fundal height usually measures 1cm per weeks gestation- although, I don't know how twins measure up. It can also go up and down, depending on the baby's position. There are times that my baby is balled up, and I measure 3 weeks ahead, and other times it's lying flat- like it's getting ready to participate in the luge at the next winter's olympics.

Lut C.

Your 24 weeks sure looks more obviously PG than mine. :-)


Glad to hear both bebes are right on target and you're doing well. And you do look very well. Not to mention lovely and glowing.


Of course they are perfect. Never thought they'd be otherwise.


I don't care what you say: you really are a BEAUTIFUL pregnant woman. And your bump? Midwife is so right: it's PERFECTLY PERFECT.


You look great! The measurement is like the first commenter said, you are measuring the size of a 28 weeker with a singleton. The only reason the doc really checks it is to make sure the babies are growing well and consistently. I'm glad to hear everything is going well!


Cute and compact!!


I'll third the "one cm per week LMP" (though it doesn't apply until after a certain number of weeks -- I don't recall how many, but you're well beyond the marker, that much I know).

I measured 34cm today -- ack! -- making me seriously jealous of your perfect bump.


You're looking beautiful! Sounds like everything is moving right along in the right direction:)

The Lemonheads have made a nice, tidy bump~


You are looking so cute!

I can't believe what you said about Elmo...even as a joke...!

abs x


Nice tidy bump indeed, you look wonderful.

I too mourn the loss of my beaver.


You look beautiful! So happy to hear all is well.


You look fantastic!!!


glad the visit went well. Just FYI, the girl/boy heart beat thing is crap. Studies have shown that there is no statistical difference in fetal heart rates based on sex. The myth stems from the fact that AFTER birth, male heart rates in babies tend to be slightly slower than famle heart rates.

You look awesome!

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