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26 July 2007



Crap! Rest and try not to worry too much, okay? Easier said than done I realize, but as long as your mucus plug is still in there, you're not dialating, and no contractions, chances are the babies will not be going anywhere. This is going to be okay.


Hey! Just wanted to say I'm holding a good thought for you and I hope you start feeling better soon!


Oh Vanessa...sending good thoughts and prayers to you and the Lemonheads.

Peeing razorblades does not at all sound like fun...ouchie.

It sounds like the doctors are getting things going in the right direction. Try to relax and rest.

Hugs to you and babes~


Hang in there! I wish I could say something to make you feel better, but doesn't sound like words would help much! I'm glad the babes are doing fine. Hopefully they will get you fixed up good as new shortly.


Yikes, that doesn't sound fun at all!

It does sound like the doctors have a plan and I'm sending you all my warmest thoughts for a speedy and uneventful recovery. Tell those Lemonheads in your best bossy mommy voice that they need to Stay. Right. Where. They. Are.


Ouch, wincing over here in sympathy. But glad to hear that you are somewhere they can monitor you and take care of this. Feel better soon, I hope.


Oh no... It sounds incredibly scary and very painful. I'm glad you're in good hands and will be sending thoughts to you and the Lemonheads.

Lut C.

My goodness, just being in hospital would be enough to scare the hell out of me.
I hope the doctors find a treatment that works well for you and that the babies stay firmly put.



Just Fuck.

I am never sending you a package again, as you end up in the hospital every time I do.

Glad to hear your cervix remains shut tight and the Lemonheads are still enjoying the plushy den you built for them.


Oh, Vanessa! This is so horribly unfair (and painful). I hope with all my heart that you get through this soon and you get to keep those babies inside of you for much longer. Hang in there. Best of luck!


Damnit, I was wondering where you were. This sucks! I'm so sorry.

Hold on, rest up, feel better. You're in my prayers and thoughts. All of you are.


Oh hell. Good luck poppet, for you and yours.


How horrible for you. I can't remember to be honest how far along you are but it sounds like they think things could be OK even if the worst comes to the worst and you do go into premature labour.


You are all about keeping us, the masses, on our toes, aren't you? I was just looking at my subscriptions (just looking 'cause you know I'm "dieting") and realized you hadn't posted for a while.

Draining of the bladder? You might as well let them take a test run at shoving a catheter up there.

Teasing aside, I hope that the run with antibiotics do the trick and you can just go home and finish that relaxing part.


Oh, Vanessa, how awfully distressing. This must be so hard and frightening for you. Wishing you a quick and complete recovery, and wishing the twins a safe stay right where they are.


oh fuck! i hope things continue to improve and that you two are snuggling on the couch soon.


Now that you've scared the crap out of me, I hope they can get the pee out of you and send you home.

amy t.

Thinking of you and sending you oodles of good, healthy vibes.




I have nothing insightful to say. But I will be thinking of you. Lots.


so sorry to hear about your hospital stay. I hope you are going to get better very soon. Take good care of yourself.


Get better soon. Our hopes and thoughts are with you.


Crap! How does stuff like this happen so quickly? Please keep us updated and let us know as you know things. I'll be thinking of you and sending good thoughts your way.


OMG be strong, our thoughts and prayers are with you...please keep us updated and take care of one another.


The steriods are awesome. My twins were born at 29 weeks after multiple kidney infections that threw me into preterm labor. Today, they are 10 years old. No, literally, today is their birthday and they are happy, healthy 10 year old hooligans. My daughter breathed on her own from day 1 because of those steroids and my son, he was on a ventilator for 1 day. Hang in there, take the steroids and relax. It's a hard thing to do, that relaxing, but it's the best thing for you. And, if you need words of encouragement from someone who's been there, you have my email.


Holy crap, that sounds PAINFUL.

You poor thing.

Hang in there and I'm sending good thoughts your way that you feel better soon and can go home.

(And I loved what malenkka said. Since she's been through something similar, I hope that made you feel a little less concerned...it must be terrifying but hearing from someone who has two healthy kids is always good.)

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