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06 September 2007



Yeah, even if you could and were inclined it must be so hard to nurse twins. Not impossible I know, but yikes. I remember those first two weeks at home trying to nurse one. Wow.


of course it's not funny. Not today. Someday it will be. I swear.


Breastfeeding is much harder than they tell you. I can't imagine trying to feed twins. Yeah, it's best, but formula is just fine, too.

Good news about their growth - they're doing great! I've said it before - hand in there. You'll make it.


You can make it!! 6 weeks to go isn't too terrible!


Good luck!

Pethadine is great, I love the pethadine. Ask for a shot of anti-nausea stuff with pethadine though or it can make you ill.

Take the labour as it comes. If you need an epidural, have an epidural. The thing that matters most is that you have healthy babies at the end of it!


I went through something similar after about 34 weeks. Still, I went to 38 weeks and I was induced. My uterus was contracting so badly that I had a hard time walking much at 35 to 36 weeks.

Lut C.

I'm glad you've managed to steer clear of the breastfeeding discussion with your husband. If it's so unlikely to work, why set yourself up for frustration.


My mother gave birth (30 years ago) naturally to me and my twin brother at 34 weeks. Now I won't go so far as to say we're "normal" but we're physically sound! Haha! And he was down and head-first. Me? I was a brat! As soon as he was out I started stretching out...which wasn't too hard since I was alredy sideways. They managed to turn me around and I was out 5 minutes after him! Piece of cake!

Good luck!

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