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29 September 2007



You look great. Not want you want to hear I'm sure, but you do.

Crossing my fingers for you that they schedule a C section. I agree that 58% is just not high enough and who wants to recover from 2 different births anyway.

Good luck :)


I think you look beautiful!

And I can't think of anything worse than trying to care for two babies while recovering from both a vaginal delivery and a c-section. I say heck yeah, go for the c-section and hopefully they'll agree to your plan at 37 weeks without sexual favors being exchanged.


Jesus your skinny! That belly makes you look tiny. I hope that you get the birth you want. Can't wait to see those gorgeous babes.


You are so fucking cute, I can't stand it. I looked like bloated death by 30 weeks and I was only carrying one. No fair. No fair.


Oh you look beautiful!!! All babies, that's for sure!

I'm with everyone else. I would definitely want a C-section. I'm sure if my mother hadn't had that decision taken away by us impatient babies she would have done it. Lord knows it would have been easier on me if she had, 'cause I sure didn't want to turn!

Good luck! <3


You really look great! I hope they schedule the c-section for you. The recovery was not bad at all for me ...The end is right around the corner and you will have those babies your arms! Keep up the grea work!

Lut C.

Wow, you're hauling lots of baby there!

I'm glad to hear you're doing reasonably well, under the circumstances.

Hopefully, you'll get that c-section at 37 weeks.


You look fantastic.

I hope these last few weeks are comfortable and enjoyable for you. Well, as much as they can be.


First let me say you do look wonderful. But I also see the sign of bags under your eyes. I know you'll be so glad when the Lemonheads are here and you can breathe freely again and not feel so poorly. Hopefully your bp will come down right away and your infection can finally be cleared up.

I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed for you that you'll be able to convince the doctor into delivering the Lemonheads at 37 wks.



God, you look amazing!

In fact, I would go so far as to say posting these photos is a slap in the face to us twin preggies who have gained, say...almost twice you have!!

But I'm only gaining so much because you said you wouldn't be my friend if I gained less than you, REMEMBER?!?!

I am thoughtful like that...

Hang in there dear, you're almost there!


Mrs G

You really look great. Wish I had skinny arms and legs like that! I seem to be carrying 'all over'!

Fingers crossed for the 37 week mark!

Motel Manager

I think you look great, too! I also made a similar decision re: the ECV, so I hear you there.

I'll also keep my fingers crossed for 37 weeks....


Vanessa, wishing you all the best and hoping you get that C/S at 37w. It's been fun sharing this ride with you, and I wish you and Aidan a smooth delivery and wonderful future together with your little ones.

Can't wait to read your news when it happens!!!


You do look great!

C-section sounds like the way to go. Get used to that numb feeling in your belly - post surgery it'll hang around. No one told me about that. It's a little disconcerting, but you get used to it.

Still praying for all of you!


You are so much braver then me. I took pictures of myself at 38 weeks and promptly forgot I took them. I was HUGE and I only had one. Of course, I'm going to defend myself and say it's because I'm 5'1.

You look great and I'm so excited for you.


You look so good for being pregnant with twins. I looked like that with only one. Good luck in the upcoming days.


I'm guessing this might be too late (figuring you've already gone into labor), but I opted for the c-section due to the fact that baby b (my son) was up high and lying on his side. He was also the bigger twin and they were concerned about me delivering the smaller twin first and then having difficulty delivering the bigger.

My c-section recovery was tough, but that was not because of the c-section itself. Honestly you figure it out - you make it work. I hope your delivery is swift and worry-free, and that you and babies are all healthy, happy, and get to come home quickly.


Just want to thank you for your very entertaining blog. I'm 10dp3dt of my first ivf and have read most of your blog in the last 24 hours as I resist the urge to test. It's been very funny, helpful and reassuring; even if this time doesn't work, the next may! Wishing you some sleep and comfortableness somewhere in the last few days of your pregnancy or the first few days of motherhood!

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