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03 September 2007



Oh sigh, now I want some fig newtons and my cat. But mostly my cat. Though she's hairier than the newtons. Not by much; I know where the newtons have been.

Shoes under the kitchen table could be a blessing if the table's wobbly or someone's feet suddenly get chilly.

Bright side, right?


Ahh that picked me up today, cheers girl. Hope you saw my nomination for you in my post last Tuesday. All this love....it could stop me swearing!


Heh. Sounds like our house 3 months after the big move.


You what? Fig newtons? I knew I liked you for a reason. I wish I'd bought some the other day.

Also, I'm officially a RGB now? I am absolutely dizzy with power now, and it's all thanks to you.


OMG!!!! Thanks for the nomination, I am very honored, but not sure I deserve it. I still feel like a semi-fraud in the World of the Infertiles, what with me getting knocked up in not much time. Thank you, thank you. And I am so glad I could share my experience because CVS are indeed scary. I meant to comment the other day when you bitched about the 3rd trimester. All I can say is I wish things were easier for you. Third trimester sucks big time, but all your infections can't be helping. Thinking of you.


Hey, a girl's got to be able to do SOMETHING well, doesn't she? ;)


Hey you!

Wow, thanks for the nom, I am truly honored.

And HAH!

In my dreams I gain less weight than you...I think my left thigh weighs more than YOU at this point. I'm so huge I can barely move. (Have you noticed I have yet to blog about the actual poundage I've gained? Can't bring myself to...)


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