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25 September 2007



Breathe Right strips will help with the congestion. I lived in those things for the last few weeks.

I've only had the c-section, but don't worry too much about the recovery time. The first week is the hardest, but take your pain meds and take it as easy as you can getting in/out of bed and up/down stairs and you'll be fine.


I've said it over there, so I don't want to be duplicative. Just know I'm still rooting for you!

And as tough as things have been on you, it sounds to me like you have the just the right attitude - but remember - they are your FEELINGS. No one can tell you they are or are not real. They are because they're yours. And by God, you are entitled to every one!

I'm glad the babies are fine but there's a line - the line where their health and yours become a concern - and it seems like you are really close to it. Keep in touch with that cautious doctor. I like him.

P.S. C-section? Not so bad. Really. I had two vaginally but as you'll recall, things got squirelly for me at the end, too. So they yanked my Babylove out the window. It's a longer recovery period, sure. But you'll be so concerned over your wee ones that you'll hardly see it. Trust me. I got yelled at by my nurses - they could NOT BELIEVE that I was out of bed in an hour and being wheeled to the NICU. *I* could not believe they were shocked! I wanted my baby! I was wheeled by my darling hubby several times to see him, but when he wasn't there, I would grab that wheelchair and walk behind it. I'm sure that you'll recover nicely and be up and around before you know it. Seriously.

Whatever it is: you can do it. Just hang tough, my sweetie.



Wow, a step forward! ;) Eh, they found you anyway, right?


Put your feet up, watch some silly TV and try to get through the next couple of weeks as easily as you can. I know you can make it.

It's going to be great. Eventually. And give A as big of a hug as you can from me, he deserves it.


I had a c-section with my twins, and the recovery wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I stayed in the hospital for 4 days, and once I came home I was totally capable of pulling my weight with the babies.

I could change, feed, carry etc. Going up and down the stairs for just the first week I had my DH carry the kids, but besides that, I was pretty much able to do anything he was.

Hang in there! The lemonheads are almost here!

Emma B

The knee surgery I had two weeks ago was much, much worse than the CS. I didn't have a difficult recovery at all, but of course every woman is different. I hope you heal quickly if that's the route you wind up taking.

I remember how miserable these last couple weeks were, and I know how you're feeling right now. The only thing to hold out for is that if you're planning to breastfeed, it will be easier if they are born a little bit older. Sucking reflex can be a problem with babies at 34 weeks, and the closer they get to term the better they will do.

You're so close to the end now!


See, I felt sure the next update was going to be an arrivals announcement, the way things were going. Hang in there.



Yay, glad to hear from you.

From the sounds of it, you and the babies will all be better off once they are out.

Good Luck


My blood pressure has always been on the low side of normal as well. The last two or three weeks before I had the baby, I had higher then normal blood pressure too. Of course, I had the fairly constant contractions like you have too. I think that's probably what caused it.

Lut C.

I think the most stalwart pregnant-stomach-loving women would crumble under all the severe discomfort you've been having. I'm amazed you didn't grab that consultant by the collar and demanded he put it in writing.

The recovery period after a c-section is what I'm worrying about as well. My friend had one and urged me to book into the hospital for the max they'll keep you (7 days). Even after that week, she said she had a bit of difficulty doing all the baby lifting.
I guess it depends from woman to woman. Perhaps the fact that she had a c-section after labour and not a planned one made it worse.

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