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13 September 2007



Eh, I'd say that you probably need to hire a maid, and that you need a drink, and maybe some valium, because jesus, you're pregnant. Didn't you know?

Actually, really, the nesting thing can happen at any time. I got mine done somewhat early, because I don't know if you remember, I could barely get up off the sofa at the end.

I also contracted pretty much regularly, however, if you also remember, my kid was so far up in my neck that he wasn't coming out on time, or even a little late. He would have been a lot late.

That said, my doctor always told me, if you're thinking about calling, chances are, you should probably listen to your inner voice and call.


And if you're planning on going into labor now, I want my apology note before you go in, because you won't have the time for shit like that afterwards.


Hypothetically, I'd say labour is upon the person who might be undergoing those symptoms. I'd say that the hypothetical person might want to call a hospital and confirm her suspicions.

Unless she doesn't want to know, in which case, she should keep cleaning.


Hypothetically... maybe you should phone a midwife and have it checked out? Because I'm hypothetically thinking the L word over here...

Hoping it stands for "Lots of time to go", though...


If the contractions continue and get closer together - or even if they don't - and you get to where you cannot talk in the middle of the them,

Hie thee to the hospital, my lil' one!


I'd say stop trying to eat ice cream through your vagina.

I think that would explain almost everything you said except the urge to clean. That's the one that's throwing me.


I assume you have tried all the tricks for Braxton Hicks contractions - drinking water, lying down, trying to poop if you can? If they are following a definite pattern, I'd call the midwife. Over the past six hours, have they gotten longer or closer together?


Hypothetically speaking, it sure sounds like early labor. Go to your midwife!

Lut C.

Cleaning? Really, if ever you needed an excuse not to be cleaning, you have more than enough at hand.

I hope things quiet down again.


hypothetically, I'd say call L&D and have this conversation with them?

And stop cleaning!


Sh*t...I haven't a scooby do, but I am scared anyway. Good job you couldn't make the London blogger meet today, I'd have pooped me pants!


I'd say stop trying to eat ice cream through your vagina.

I think that would explain almost everything you said except the urge to clean. That's the one that's throwing me.

THAT! UP THERE(points to copied comment) made me spit pop all over my screen!!*laughing* and it sounds like an excellent theory!



Wow -- I'd say you should stop asking your blog fans what it means and call in the experts, STAT.

And sweet Jesus, KEEP US POSTED!


Well, my screen's clean now... courtesy of me having to wipe it down after reading that comment, DD.

V, dear, I hope you've called the doctor/ midwife/ L&D/ somebody by now.


Hypothetically, I wouldn't eating icecream through your vagina be kind of messy, explaining the urge to clean? No, you're right - mess and cleaning urges aren't necessarily linked.

Damn, DD - that was a good one.

Um, hypothetically, I think it also means call L&D and get checked out.



Nesting and more than four unfixable contractions an hour suggests an early surprise. I don't think anyone needs to spell it out, right?


Well? Well? Are we there yet? Cmon, we're dyin out here of curiosity!


All I remember is back pain. No cleaning urge from me, which is oddly appropriate.

If you are on your way to being with babies I'll skip out on work today and camp outside your house until your return. I don't have a tent, but I can manage.


Dying from lack of updates here. No news is good news? Or no news means that the news poster has disappeared and is spreading the news elsewhere...

Hmmm *waits anxiously*


did the same thing, and had the babes the next morning, little did i know it had me dialated to 6 cms in those 12 hrs....get checked!!
good luck!

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