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10 September 2007



You on skates (or should I say sk8tes). While you're pregnant. With twins.



you blog however much you want to sweetie. But I haven't found you boring or repetitive at all.

Have fun with the G&Ts. Have you found a decent pregnancy substitute drink? I was going ok with virgin margaritas etc., then they started giving me heartburn. Bummer.


mmmm.... G&Ts....

So seriously, if you can have dem.erol during childbirth, why not a few vodkas?

Lut C.

What prompted this post then? Could you hear me snoring?

Please don't mention drinks. They're just a vague memory.


U R awesome, wanna b my BFF?

I'll fly right over for the G&Ts and we can discuss, in great detail, why I also haven't been blogging or commenting much. I'd like to think it was what you said, I'm pulling inwards, getting ready to have the babies on many levels.

But really, I think I'm just too effing lazy!! And my brain is totally scrambled and THAT certainly doesn't help.


I would like to see you post a whole thing about late twin pregnancy entirely in sk8ter talk, though. I don't think I've seen that before. Maybe I don't hang around Myspace enough?



Boring? U?????????? (Couldn't resist.) Yeah, those stories of infection, threatened labor, hospitalization, pain and terror are just so insipidly dull. And when you write about them in your inimitable style -- yawn!

But anyway. I'm finding myself go quiet too -- just burrowing in somehow.


I would love to bring the limes! A G&T sounds really good right now...


Just think of it as your down time before the twins bust out! I've heard all sorts of stories from my Mom about how...um...active me and my twin brother were! Just remember they make leashes for toddlers! Haha!


Ditto, minus a few of your pregnancy aggravations.

Please pass the G&T (or Bitter Lemon if you've got some -- yum! -- I can't get it here in Canada).

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