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14 September 2007



I can not believe that it is almost time for the babes arrival!! I will be checking feverishly for news :-)


Well, good! The part about "if I were, oh, I dunno, lucky" made me snort in sympathy. Hang in there, my dear!


...in the *back of your mind*??



Way to hang in there!


So glad you managed to break back out!

I'll be thinking of you over the weekend petal

abs x


Sounds like your babies are ready to get out. I'm sure you're ready for them to be out, too. Try to rest - you're going to need it!


You're going to call when they're sewing up your vagina, right?


Keep your feet up and relax. It's clean enough for now. And maybe some ice cream eating via the traditional method? You deserve a treat.


Hang in there! I drank so much water when I was pregnant with the twins that I literally can not drink it now. And I was big into drinking water. The twins are over 5 months, and I would chose anything over a glass of water (vodka, JD, whatever!

I can't believe they will be here soon!


Good luck!

Oh and to ease your mind (or maybe not) I was 3cm dialated and having heavy braxton hicks contractions for 3weeks before my little one deemed fit to arrive. So hopefully you have a few weeks left.

I will be waiting for news....

Lut C.

I've also heard that the cervix can soften way in advance of actual labour.

It must be hard to sleep with those contractions distracting you.

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